Your plumbing isn’t something you think too much about until something goes wrong. We know there are a lot of questions about what you should and shouldn’t do, what you need and what you don’t need. Let us know if you have any questions as we build our FAQs.

Why Use a Licensed Plumber?

When considering hiring a plumber would you choose a licensed plumber?

While we all wish to save money and keep costs down there are too many negatives and possibilities of problems to risk hiring an unlicensed tradesman.

The dangers of using an unlicensed plumber include:

  • Trust – would you place your hard earned money in the hands of someone who may not know what they are doing?
  • Guarantee – if they are not licensed, can help and assistance if something goes wrong be available? Are you prepared for this? Unlicensed work is work uninsured.
  • Ownership – if you hire an unlicensed plumber, you become the employer and the unlicensed plumber becomes the employee. Therefore you become the contractor and own all the ramifications that come with it i.e. liability and workers compensation.
  • Responsibility – you not only become responsible for the work the unlicensed plumber performs, but also for any damage they cause to your own property and/or the property of others. Of most concern, you become responsible for any injuries the unlicensed tradesperson and associated staff/family members might suffer on the job… and anyone who enters your home afterwards. What if your family member was burnt due to incorrect installation of a hot water unit?
  • Certification – using an unlicensed plumber means that the end work is uncertified – not passed. Did you realize this means for it to become certified, under Australian law, the work would need to be replaced for your home to be able to be sold. Are you prepared for these unnecessary costs?
  • Safety – if your plumber is not licensed and hits a government service i.e. gas or power mains – you could end up being responsible and face significant costs and fines.

A licensed plumber has evidence that they have become qualified to meet the Australian standards. They also hold insurance, to cover you should an issue arise. The licensing and insurance requirements are in place to protect you, the consumer.

Think twice when you consider hiring an unlicensed plumber.

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