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Canberra Flowers In Spring

Time to get planting for Spring!

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What Should You Plant In Your Garden This September & October in Canberra

Now that Winter and some very cold days are over, Spring has arrived and the sun has started to shine in Canberra.

This is the perfect time to add some colour to your garden! Even though our rainfall has been limited over the winter season, with appropriate watering systems you can environmentally and economically enjoy and sustain your garden.

Unsure what to plant? No need to worry. Just follow our planting guide, so you can wake up and enjoy a beautiful and colourful garden!

Spring is the perfect time to start planting fruit, flowers, vegetables, trees, and herbs. But, what you can plant in your garden depends on the climate and soil conditions of where you live. Australia has a very different climate from city to city. It’s important to know which plants are ideal for the Canberra climate. So you can produce the most stunning results in your garden.

Here is our planting guide for what to plant in your garden in September and October in Canberra:

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Get Ready For Bushfire Season: A Step By Step Guide

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After what our country went through in late 2019 and early 2020, it would be nice to think we’re all ready for the next bushfire season. But with a certain global pandemic occupying our thoughts in recent months, we could be forgiven for taking our eye off the ball when it comes to bushfire readiness. So, we’d like to remind you of what you can do to help keep your family and property safe if bushfires flare up in your area.

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Fun facts about toilet paper

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In our blog section, we like to present you with posts that are packed with helpful information and full to the brim with practical advice. This post isn’t one of them. It’s frivolous, silly and not all that useful. We just figured you’d enjoy reading something a little less serious right about now.

For all its silliness, the topic is relevant.

Toilet paper.

The great Australian Toilet Paper Hoard of 2020 made headlines all over the country, so we thought we’d bring you some interesting facts about the stuff that became the object of our desire not too long ago…

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A heads up about creating an even cleaner shower

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There’s a pleasant soapy fragrance wafting all over our wide brown land.

COVID-19 has reminded us about the importance of hygiene, and in conjunction with physical distancing and isolation, it’s played a vital role in flattening the curve. We’re going to win the war against COVID-19, and we’re going to win it with clean and soapy hands.

We’re also cleaning our homes like never before. But while we’re being extra attentive to domestic hygiene, there are some still areas we neglect. The showerhead is one of them. While we clean the rest of the shower on a regular basis – and probably even more frequently right about now – the shower head remains a bit out of sight, out of mind. But it is something that should be cleaned at least once a month and for very good reasons.

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Are commercial drain cleaners doing more harm than good?

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The commercial drain cleaner you buy at the supermarket or hardware store might be seen as a quick fix to a blocked drain. But have you stopped to consider that it might be doing more harm than good? We acknowledge that thinking about drain cleaners might not be the sexiest thing you’ll do all day, but it could be time well spent. Knowing the full story could save you a lot of hassles.

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Toilet terrors of the toddler type

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For some weird reason, during holiday time, kids tent to treat the toilet like it’s Public Enemy Number One. Or should that be Number Two? Anyway, children can do all sorts of horrible things to the humble lavatory which could block it, break it, or wreck it.

A flushing toilet can provide hours of holiday entertainment for bored youngsters. All that water, spinning and gurgling down the drain can have an almost hypnotic effect, and kids will flush, and flush, and flush to keep the show going. What a waste of water! And what a way to break the flushing system.

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