Plumbing Stuff To Do Before You Go On Your Summer Holiday

By November 25, 2020Uncategorized

After the year we’ve had, we can say with absolute confidence that you’re well and truly looking forward to your summer holiday. You deserve it! But before you go, there are some simple plumbing things you can do to make sure everything is fine and dandy when you return.

Turn off the water. Before you head away, you might want to consider turning off the main water shut off valve. Bu doing so, no water can enter your home and cause potential problems that will be left unattended for days or weeks. If you decide to do this, run the taps to drain all the remaining water. If you want to be extra thorough, you can even shut off individual water valves to the washing machine, dishwasher, toilets etc.

Check your washing machine hoses. Did you know that the average life expectancy of a washing machine hose is just three years? Not long, is it? Before you leave on holiday, visually inspect the hose for any cracks or a major calcium deposit build-up. While you shouldn’t have too many issues if you shut off the mains water, you don’t want to risk anything should you choose to leave the water on. Remember, in an unattended property, water has plenty of time to do a lot of damage.

Inspect your water heater. If you see any water on the floor around your water heating system, give us a call before you leave. This puddle of water might indicate that your heater needs to be repaired, or even replaced. We also recommend you turn the temperature down, off, or even into holiday mode if the system allows for it. To prevent flooding, you might want to shut it off completely.

Prevent odours from becoming worse. You don’t want to come home to a smelly home! To stop foul odours emanating from your drains, run ice cubes and cold water through your garbage disposal unit before you leave.  This will push food particles down the drain so they can properly wash away. Ask us to check your drains for other potential sources of unpleasant smells. And leave the doors open on your washing machine and dishwasher to air them out and stop the build-up of mould and mildew.

Keep things dry. Check water-using appliances like washing machines and dishwashers for dampness and corrosion. If you see something that shouldn’t be there, contact us.

Run the pool pump. Turning off the pool pump can cause algae build-up, and that isn’t a pleasant prospect to return home to. If you plan to be away on holiday for more than a few days, keep the pool pump on at optimal setting to ensure it’s keeping the pool water clean and healthy while you’re gone.

Call in a favour. Ask a friend, neighbour, or family member to drop in from time to time and check on your home while you’re on holiday. While you can take every precaution, it’s always good to be extra sure that all is ok.

A lot of the tips we’ve given you can be done at any time of the year. But if you get them done before you go away, you can enjoy your holiday safe in the knowledge that the plumbing maintenance has been taken care of and is highly unlikely to give you a damp welcome when you come home.