Fun facts about toilet paper

In our blog section, we like to present you with posts that are packed with helpful information and full to the brim with practical advice. This post isn’t one of them. It’s frivolous, silly and not all that useful. We just figured you’d enjoy reading something a little less serious right about now.

For all its silliness, the topic is relevant.

Toilet paper.

The great Australian Toilet Paper Hoard of 2020 made headlines all over the country, so we thought we’d bring you some interesting facts about the stuff that became the object of our desire not too long ago…

  • It Takes A Lot Of Trees…to meet the toilet paper requirements of the world. Every day, 30, 000 trees around the world give up their lives to feed our toilet paper habit. That is 10 million trees every year.
  • Most Of The World…doesn’t use the stuff. 75% of the world’s population does not actually use toilet paper. This is probably a good thing as there’d be no trees left after meeting total global demand.
  • Splinter-free Toilet Paper…made a welcome appearance on the market in 1935. Before then, toilet paper was rough and coarse and occasionally a splinter would lodge itself into a place you wouldn’t really want it to.
  • Before Toilet Paper Became Widely Available… people used hay, corncobs, stones, moss, wool, and fruit peel to clean themselves after completing their bathroom business.
  • Japanese Author Koji Suzuki…once wrote an entire novel printed on a single roll of toilet paper. Obvious question from us: did it reach Number 2 on the New York Times Bestseller list?
  • Astronauts On The International Space Station…use regular toilet paper but it has to be sealed in special containers and compressed.
  • Beyoncé…uses only red toilet paper. It is produced by Portuguese company Renova, widely renowned as the Rolls Royce of toilet paper manufacturers. If you can afford to use Renova on your bottom, you must be at the top of your game.
  • A Recent Survey…by people who had far too much time on their hands, found that if you hang your toilet paper over the top of the roll, you’re considered smarter than someone who pulls it from underneath the roll. Actually, there’s something in this. Pulling paper from the top of the roll is thought to be far more hygienic than grabbing it from underneath.


To finish here is a slightly more helpful snippet.

Some premium brands of 2-ply or 3-ply toilet paper, often marketed as being extra thick and absorbent, don’t dissolve properly and can cause major blockages within a toilet system. We know this because we’re often asked to deal with the aftermath.

To reduce the risk of clogging up your toilet, it seems that cheap 1-ply paper is the way to go, even if it doesn’t feel too superior on your posterior.