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April 2020

A heads up about creating an even cleaner shower

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There’s a pleasant soapy fragrance wafting all over our wide brown land.

COVID-19 has reminded us about the importance of hygiene, and in conjunction with physical distancing and isolation, it’s played a vital role in flattening the curve. We’re going to win the war against COVID-19, and we’re going to win it with clean and soapy hands.

We’re also cleaning our homes like never before. But while we’re being extra attentive to domestic hygiene, there are some still areas we neglect. The showerhead is one of them. While we clean the rest of the shower on a regular basis – and probably even more frequently right about now – the shower head remains a bit out of sight, out of mind. But it is something that should be cleaned at least once a month and for very good reasons.

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