Are commercial drain cleaners doing more harm than good?

By February 2, 2020Uncategorized

The commercial drain cleaner you buy at the supermarket or hardware store might be seen as a quick fix to a blocked drain. But have you stopped to consider that it might be doing more harm than good? We acknowledge that thinking about drain cleaners might not be the sexiest thing you’ll do all day, but it could be time well spent. Knowing the full story could save you a lot of hassles.

Your pipes are in peril: The chemicals that go into these types of cleaners are designed to dissolve whatever it is that is stuck within your pipes. Whether the cleaner is caustic, acid-based or oxidising, it will produce heat within the pipes to melt obstructions. However, this heat can damage modern PVC pipes, and even old-fashioned metal pipes can be affected. Fixing damaged pipes isn’t easy, and certainly not cheap.


Money down the drain: If drain blockages are common at your place, it’s probably a sign of a more deep-seated problem in your pipes or sewer line that even the best cleaners won’t solve. So instead of wasting money on buying cleaners that won’t do a thing (except harm your pipes through ongoing use), invest that money wisely i.e. call a plumbing expert and get the issue resolved properly.


Potently toxic: For these cleaners to be effective, the chemicals have to be very potent. As such, they can cause severe burns if they come into contact with your skin or eyes, plus they’re highly toxic if swallowed, which makes them a real hazard when kids or pets are about. Meanwhile, the fumes they produce can make breathing difficult, and even cause serious respiratory conditions. When it comes to kitchen and bathroom fittings and surrounds, these cleaners can be just as damaging. They can corrode tiles, stainless sinks, and other fixtures, so they must be handled with care.


We know what you’re thinking. We’re simply writing this because we want you to call us to handle your blocked drains rather than buy a commercial drain cleaner. Well, you’re right! Regular plumbing maintenance will keep drains unclogged, while asking us to unblock a drain is a lot cheaper and easier than getting us to fix any problems that commercial drain cleaners might cause. So yes, we do advise you to get in touch with us, but only because it won’t drain your finances in the long run.  Don’t worry, our drain unblocking services are better than our puns.