Toilet terrors of the toddler type

By December 18, 2019Uncategorized

For some weird reason, during holiday time, kids tent to treat the toilet like it’s Public Enemy Number One. Or should that be Number Two? Anyway, children can do all sorts of horrible things to the humble lavatory which could block it, break it, or wreck it.

A flushing toilet can provide hours of holiday entertainment for bored youngsters. All that water, spinning and gurgling down the drain can have an almost hypnotic effect, and kids will flush, and flush, and flush to keep the show going. What a waste of water! And what a way to break the flushing system.

It gets worse when kids decide they want their toys – or any other foreign object – to flush down the loo with all that gushing water. Oh, what fun! But not fun for you if blockages occur. It’s not always toys and similar objects that cause them. Sometimes youngsters can get a little too enthusiastic with the toilet paper, which can cause a logjam in the dunny. If too much paper is to blame, then a plunger should be all you need to fix the problem.

On the other hand, if it’s a toy or other object you see bobbing on the surface, you can simply fish it out. But, if the object is small enough, or if it doesn’t float, it might go down into the piping system. This is when things get tricky, because by trying to hook it out, you could actually push it further down the drain and the blockage could be an ongoing one. Our advice, when confronted with these more challenging retrieval jobs, is to give us a call.

The obvious way to stop a toilet becoming blocked is to keep the lid closed. If the kids can’t see the water, the temptation to get all flush-happy might disappear. Of course, a closed toilet lid won’t deter some bolder kids so you might need to invest in a cheap and child-proof toilet seat latch. These plastic clips are easy to attach, and you’re the only one who will be able to open the lid.

Hopefully, you taught your kids about sensible flushing while you were toilet training them. But kids will be kids, and when in the company of others, they might forget about bathroom etiquette and turn the toilet into an ever-flushing, toy receptacle. If that happens, and things become blocked, broken, or wrecked, give us a call. We’re experts at dealing with toilet terrors of the toddler type!