Is everything cool with your hot water system?

By September 25, 2019Uncategorized

There are some tell-tale signs that indicate all might not be well with your hot water system. They might be signs you hear, or signs you see, or, in the case of water temperature, signs you feel. They could be symptoms of a gradual decline in your hot water system…and eventually that decline will reach rock bottom. So, here are a few signs to be aware of – if you notice any of the following, give us a call. If we get onto it before your system curls up its toes, then we’ll ensure an ongoing supply of hot water at your place.

Sign 1: Water Colour

If you’ve got murky, cloudy or brown water coming out of the hot water tap, call us straight away. We’ll figure out the source of the dirty water, as it might be a sign of a defect in the hot water system that needs urgent attention. Of course, it might be something else in the plumbing system that’s causing the issue, like rusty pipes or sewer problems. Whatever is causing murky water, it needs to be fixed, and fast.

Sign 2: Water Temperature

Lower water temperature could be another indicator of an easily fixable problem, or of a hot water system that’s about to throw in the towel. The thermostat on your hot water system switches on and off to keep hot water flowing at a certain temperature. If the water is not as hot as you like, the thermostat could need changing. Or it could be a broken heating element in the tank which can be replaced. The worst-case scenario is that the whole tank needs to be swapped for a new one.

Sign 3: A Noisy Hot Water System

Unlike the usual political Question time, hot water systems go about their work in a pretty quiet way. So, alarm bells should ring if you ever hear a rattling or banging sound coming from your system. It might be a broken heating element, or dirt and debris that has built up inside the system, or something more sinister. If you hear it, we want to know about it.

Regular maintenance checks of your hot water system will keep it working properly, without those worrying signs pouring cold water over your dreams of long hot showers, or relaxing baths. So, before you see, hear or feel any concerning signs from your hot water system, get in touch with us and book in a regularly scheduled maintenance check. Prevention is better than cure, and a hot shower is better than a cold one!