Thinking About Irrigation? Here’s Why You Should.

By September 2, 2019Articles
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5 Benefits of Residential Irrigation

Summer is fast approaching so now is the perfect time to start getting your garden ready for the hotter months. Before the weather starts to heat up, install a residential irrigation system to prepare for the endless heat waves – keeping your garden and lawns looking luscious is a nice bonus.

Canberra is known for its dry weather and scorching hot summer days. These are less than ideal conditions for your garden to thrive in so here are 5 benefits of installing an irrigation system at your place:

1. Fully Automated System

Having to remember to water your lawn and garden is something that is always in the back of your mind. But by installing an automated  system, you can relax.

Set it and forget it. The sprinkler system will take care of the rest. Avoid under-watering or over-watering and conserve water too.

2. Saves You Time

Installing an automatic irrigation system saves you a lot of time. Think about how much time you have spent watering the gardens, lawns, and flowers. Wouldn’t you prefer to spend time with family and friends instead?

Not to mention the times you weren’t home, or just forgot. Well, that’s a thing of the past. Now you can set timers so that watering happens like clockwork.

Select the best times and days for your landscape and the climate. With the dry and scorching Canberra hot summer days, your garden will thank you.

3. Save Your Hard Earned Dollars

When you automate your irrigation system, there is no more wasting water or money.  Instead, you can time, and program everything for the optimal amount of water.

Even better, irrigation systems have rain sensors that cost a little more upfront but they only turn on when required, helping keep more money in your wallet.

The cost of installing an irrigation system more than pays for itself over time. Imagine all the money you could slash off your excessive water bills.

4. Achieve The Ultimate Water Efficiency

Irrigation systems reduce water wastage. By using an automated system, you can help to conserve and save water. No water goes to waste, every single drop is used for watering.

Did you know that an irrigation system can save between 30 to 50% of the water used by other watering methods?

Sleep easy knowing you have done your part for the Canberra environment.

5. Faster Growing Gardens

Be the envy of your neighbours, with lush and green gardens and lawns. Watering plants, lawns, crops or flowers with smaller amounts of water over a longer period of time, actually makes them grow faster

Summer will be here before you know it! There has never been a better time to install an irrigation system.


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