“It’s pipe Jim, but not as we know it!”

By August 29, 2019Uncategorized

Five family-friendly ways to use leftover PVC pipe

We’ll never leave behind a mess. But, on occasions, we’ll leave behind something really useful. Leftover PVC pipe!  PVC pipe can be used in dozens of creative and practical ways, well beyond its original purpose.  We’ve seen PVC pipe transformed into wine racks, fishing rod holders, tool storage docks, shoe organisers, chairs, bike racks…even chicken feeders! When the weather is less than ideal and you’re all cooped up inside, here are five family-friendly, boredom-busting PVC ideas the kids will love to make. You might need to buy some more pipe and couplings to finish larger projects, but it will be well worth it.

Fabric tepee: Every kid likes their own place to hideaway, and a tepee made from PVC pipe is the perfect place for them to take timeout – whether it’s timeout on their own terms, or timeout enforced by you! This link shows how simple it is to create a tepee as a play area in a child’s bedroom, or as a fun outdoor shelter for when the sun eventually shines. You don’t have to be too intricate – for example, the wood grain look is a nice extra but not necessary – and a basic structure with some leftover fabric will do just fine.


Kids chairs: Little ones will feel very grown up in their own chair. Kids chairs, such as the one in this link, are safe, stable and able to be used indoors and outdoors. By the pool, in the family room, or even in that homemade PVC tepee! The beauty of PVC is its strength and durability, so it’s the ideal material for this sort of project.


Toothbrush holders: A very simple family craft project that will look pretty cool in the bathroom, and help you keep the room just that little bit tidier. You can be creative with how the kids decorate their respective holders; PVC can be easily painted by sanding its smooth surface, applying a primer, then a topcoat of paint specially formulated to adhere to the material. Or, you can use stickers to achieve a cool decorative effect.


Soccer goal: Start on this one now and it will be ready for outdoor sporting action when the summer sun finally gets here! The great thing about this idea is that it is not one-size-fits-all. You can use different lengths of PVC to build a goal that best suits the dimensions of your backyard. Very easy to assemble the frame, with just a little more work required to attach the net.


Ten pin bowling: Let’s finish off with one you can make now and use now. Ten pins made from short lengths of PVC are super simple to put together and don’t require much work at all. They’re a quick and easy way to have some indoor fun in less than ideal weather.


Check out links like this one on Pinterest and you’ll see there are HUNDREDS of ways to use PVC pipe. Not just for kid-friendly craft assignments but for more grown up projects as well. You can transform it until its unrecognisable as mere plumbing material. As they might say in Star Trek: “It’s pipe Jim, but not as we know it!”