Dial Before You Dig!

By February 11, 2019Articles

Checking Local Requirements & Resources for Utilities and Pipes – BEFORE You Build/Renovate/Extend

You’ve just started digging, excited to begin your home renovations. But suddenly water is spurting into the sky. You’ve burst a pipe!

Before you begin to build, renovate or extend your home, it’s crucial that you first check the local requirements and resources. This will ensure that you don’t cause damage or disrupt the utilities and pipes infrastructure networks throughout the ACT.

What information do you need to check in advance?

Keep reading to find out.

Territory Plan Zone

Depending on which zone your land is on, there may be different planning controls which you need to adhere to.

How can you find out the zone for your block?

There are a couple of ways:

  • ACTmapi

You can use ACTmapi and zoom into the map until you have found your block. Next, hover your cursor over the block details or click on it, and information will pop up on the left of the screen.

It will display the information about the Land Use Zone and the Overlay Zone. You can then click the Territory Plan Link to find out what development you can undertake on your block.

  • Territory Plan

Perhaps an easier way is to use the Territory Plan instead. Expand the “Maps” section, and then select the relevant map based on your area in the ACT. You will need to download the file as a PDF, and then zoom into the map to find your block.

What happens after you have identified the colour of your block? You can then refer to the legend on the right side of the map to find out which zone your block falls in.


You can find the locations of your utility networks located on or nearby your property by contacting the following companies:

  • ActewAGL for gas and communication utility networks
  • Evo energy for electrical
  • Icon Water for water and sewerage utility networks

These companies will be able to discuss any impact developments may have on their networks or affect their assets.

Plumbing Ties

To find out information about plumbing ties, you can visit Access Canberra. Next, do a search based on your block and section or address details.

Sanitary Pipes

You can also check the sanitary drainage plans. They detail the sanitary pipe layout for your block.

You can get the sanitary drainage plans from Access Canberra (although there is an associated cost).

The plan image will be sent to you by email within 48 hours of making the application and payment.

Alternatively contact ‘Dial Before You Dig’ – they can do all of this for you!

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*This article is intended as a guide only and we always recommend doing your own research or speaking to the professionals before undertaking any work