Avoid Plumbing Nightmares – Here’s How.

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What Plumbing Maintenance You Should Be Doing At Home (and How Often)

Drip Drip Drip.

The kitchen tap is dripping again, and the toilet water is running – nightmare!

Not only is it annoying but it is a waste of water and can see your water bill skyrocket.

With regular DIY plumbing maintenance though, it can be avoided or at the very least fixed before it gets to be an even bigger problem.

But what plumbing maintenance should you be doing around your home, and how often?

Here are the most common home plumbing maintenance jobs you should be doing:

The bathroom is used daily by every member of your family. It’s also the place where plumbing problems are most likely to occur.

Check The Taps


The most common plumbing maintenance required is around the sink, bathtub, and shower tap. To fix a dripping tap, replace the broken washer or cartridge. If you notice a leak, fix it immediately or it could lead to a huge bill.

Clean Slow Drains

Monthly (or anytime your drain starts slowing down)

Check your shower, sink and bathtub drains. If they are slow, it’s a clear sign that there may be a clog or a build-up of debris.

If you experience this, you should clear it immediately before it leads to a full blockage.

To improve the flow of water you can either pour hot water down the drain or use a mild drain cleaner. There’s also a lot to be said for the good old plunger!

Fix a Running Toilet


Toilets have many working parts, and over time they will wear down if not maintained, this can lead to major problems and we can tell you some stories about toilets gone bad!

The best way to check a toilet is to remove the lid of the cistern and flush it. At the end of a flush cycle does the toilet continue to run instead of shutting off? If so, it’s wasting a lot of water.

The Kitchen

The kitchen is another heavily used room when it comes to the plumbing.

Clean The Sink Drain


Regularly cleaning your kitchen sink drain will reduce the chance of it being blocked. For best results, use a mild drain cleaner. Doing this regularly will break down any buildup of debris, and ensure water keeps flowing.

Check For Sink Leaks


One of the biggest problems with a kitchen sink is leaking. With constant use, it can lead to leaking over time. Look for any signs of leaks at the tap or sink strainer.

Hot Water System


A hot water system is easily one of the most overlooked appliances for maintenance in Australian households. You should look out for common problems like pressure and temperature of the water. Check there is no extra pressure which is putting stress on the plumbing system.

For a full list of what plumbing maintenance you should be doing around the home be sure to check out our handy checklist.

What Plumbing Maintenance You Should Be Doing At Home (And How Often)

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