Plumbing you can DIY vs. Plumbing you cannot DIY

By November 5, 2018Articles

Did you know that Monday is often the busiest day of the week for Plumbers.

Why, you ask?

We need to fix jobs gone wrong from DIYers over the weekend!

So you’ve got a plumbing problem, and it’s tempting to perform a bit of DIY plumbing. It seems easy to go down to your local hardware store and buy supplies and pull out the wrench, right?

While you don’t need a license to buy plumbing supplies, you do need a license to install (most of) them.

People love to tell their mates how they have completed plumbing work on their home themselves. Yes, you might save a bit of money – but it comes with a lot of risks. Trust us, it’s not worth it.

Things You Can Do Yourself

With DIY plumbing work, it’s more about what you can’t do, than what you can.

The law is pretty black and white around DIY home plumbing work.

Paul Naylor, National Secretary of the Master Plumbers Association, tells us what the average homeowner can do themselves.

You can:

– Perform routine repairs to taps, such as change a tap washer etc.
– Check/repair a leaking pipe under the vanity or sink

That’s it! It’s a rather short list.

Are you renting? Rental properties are a whole different scenario – if you have ANY plumbing issues you best check with the real estate or the landlord before doing anything at all.

Why DIY Plumbing is a Bad Idea

Doing DIY repairs yourself is taking unnecessary risks.

There is a chance of a major accident occurring, like falling off a ladder.
What if you hit gas or power mains, and are responsible for the damage?
What if someone gets burnt by an incorrect hot water installation?
What if your DYI project results in you needing to call for emergency plumbing services, and the associated costs?

Any DIY work is not certified under Australian law. It may not seem like a big deal now. However if you wish to sell your house in the future, you need to have all the work replaced by a certified plumber.

Things You Should Use a Plumber For in NSW/ACT

You must use a licensed plumber for any work related to the drinking water system, or a sewer line.

These include:

– Water Plumbing
– Drainage
– Gasfitting (and LP gasfitting)
– Roof Plumbing
– Sewerage Work
– Sanitary Plumbing

More information on licenses is available on the NSW Government Fair Trading website.

Why You Should Use A Licensed Plumber

A licensed plumber has many advantages. These go beyond being legally required.

  • Trust – experienced, qualified, and professional for your peace of mind
  • Qualifications – meeting Australian standards, and will provide upon request
  • Guarantee – If something goes wrong, they will be able to fix it
  • Safety – Ensures not to hit or damage gas or power mains
  • Insurance – If something goes wrong, you are covered

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