[Checklist] What should you consider before renovating your bathroom or kitchen

By October 17, 2018Articles

Renovating your bathroom or kitchen can be extremely stressful and overwhelming. However it doesn’t need to be. With careful planning and establishing a budget, your DIY bathroom/kitchen renovation will be a breeze.

Before you commence any renovations, there are important factors you should consider. These go beyond your renovation ideas and visions. We’ve prepared a checklist for you to follow, ensuring your renovations are a success.

Download your printable checklist here BATHROOM_KITCHEN RENOVATION CHECKLIST-final

✅ Determine Your Budget

It’s important to carefully plan everything so an accurate and realistic budget can be set for your renovation. Are you unsure about how much to spend? Having an initial price in mind assists you to set realistic goals about what can be achieved. While this may seem limiting, alternatively having an open-ended budget makes decision making difficult due to unlimited possibilities, and often causes your renovation to stall.


✅ Set A Realistic Timeline

Depending on the scope of the renovation, and if you wish to do a DIY project, it can take anywhere between 3 to 8 weeks or even longer, as we all know wet weather can occur. You should allow reasonable time to plan everything, including ordering your materials and aligning your trades. Also, it is important to contact your local authority to find out what is and isn’t permitted in your area with any proposed renovation work and determine which certifications you will require, to ensure you aren’t met with any unnecessary delays.


✅ What Is The Problem With Your Current Bathroom/Kitchen?

By documenting what is wrong with your current bathroom or kitchen, it will help you to determine what features you wish to have included in the renovation.

  • Is your bathroom too small?
  • Is there not enough bench space in your kitchen?
  • Is there not enough natural light?
  • Or perhaps is the space not very inviting and is closed in?

Now you know what you don’t like, it’s time to start looking for renovation ideas for your dream bathroom/kitchen.


✅ Choose The Best Time For Renovating

Choose the time of year to renovate your bathroom/kitchen which doesn’t clash with your lifestyle or family plans. If you love entertaining guests during the holidays, then it’s probably not the best time.

Spring and Summer is often a favourite time for renovating. The warmer weather allows for a BBQ outside while the kitchen is still under renovation. Also, if the new hot water system is not complete, a cold shower on a scorching hot Canberra day is welcomed compared to the middle of winter!


✅ Find The Right Plumber

When you are renovating your bathroom and kitchen, it’s essential to use a qualified and licensed plumber. A professional will ensure to complete work to the highest standard, on time, according to budget, and most importantly meeting the Australian Plumbing and Gas Fitting Standards. You will never have a concern with your family’s safety and the ability to sell your home should you ever wish to.


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