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By October 6, 2018Articles

How To Incorporate Green Plumbing Into Your Bathroom Renovations

 Having an outdated bathroom might not just look less aesthetically pleasing but did you know it can also waste water and increase energy usage in your home?

A lot of home-owners start their renovation projects in Spring ready for the holiday season so while you’re planning your bathroom renovations, why not think about incorporating green plumbing into your project? Are you unsure where to start? Keep reading to find out.

Why Install Green Plumbing:

 Adding green plumbing to your bathroom renovations has many benefits, such as:

  • Drastic eco-footprint reduction in your home
  • Saving money on your utility bills
  • Significant water savings
  • You may be eligible for Government rebates

Choose Green Plumbing Water Fixtures

Installing green plumbing water fixtures is the best way to reduce your water usage. Replace your existing sink faucets, bath taps and showerhead with a low-flow version. Many products now include built-in features to save water.

For your toilet, select a new throne which has a dual flush system. Low-flow toilets which use less than 4.9 litres per flush will help you to conserve water. Some older model toilets still in use can use up to 13 litres of water per flush. Which is a huge 2.5 times more than low-flow toilets!

For any tap fittings, pay attention to the WELS star rating, which features a star rating system up to 6 stars. The higher the rating, the more water you will save. By changing your taps alone, it can lead to consuming up to 50% less water than you currently do.

According to the Australian Government, using water-efficient products can lead to a saving of up to $175 for each household per year.

Make Sure There Is Proper Ventilation

Bathrooms are often humid, which leads to moisture that can make mould grow. By making sure that your bathroom is well ventilated it will prevent mould. Open your windows, and install exhaust vents to help counter the humidity.

You can also improve the air quality by adding plants in the bathroom. Not only do they add a nice aesthetic touch, but they also help to produce oxygen. They also reduce humidity and absorb any air pollutants in the room.

One benefit of fresh air in your bathroom is your towels will stay clean and fresh longer. This allows you to save water by reducing your washing machine load frequency.

Add Recycled Materials

When completing your bathroom renovations, consider using recycles or ceramic tiles. They have strong moisture resistance, ensuring that they last longer than regular tiles.

Are you looking to incorporate green plumbing into your bathroom renovations? DK Egan Plumbing are here to help. We specialise in green plumbing to ensure your home is eco-friendly and saves you money.


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